Yoga for Spinal Health & Wellbeing

Why practice Yoga?

Safe, gentle Yoga postures can assist you to better manage both the physical and mental stresses of everyday life. The practice of Yoga will increase your energy levels, and can be helpful in easing some of the discomforts associated with spinal problems such as headaches and sore back. Yoga postures promote improved circulation and postural awareness as well as improve your flexibility and strength, and assist with the release of muscular tension.

The meditation and visualisation aspects of the class will help you become more balanced both physically and mentally, and the breathing practices that are an important part of Yoga will help you to relax. Each session will consist of relaxation, postures, breathing practices, meditation and guided visualisation.

The practice of Yoga is an excellent way to improve flexibility, strength, stamina, and general wellbeing, while enjoying the benefits of a calmer mind, and a more relaxed body due to release of tension. Yoga postures promote improved circulation and postural awareness. You do not need to have any previous experience of Yoga to join this course. Our classes are conducted by fully qualified yoga instructors and each sessions consists of relaxation, yoga postures, breathing practices, meditation and guided visualisation.

Yoga benefits

Allowing the body to open up and relax into stretches for maximum benefit.
Allowing the body to feel more free.
Reducing stiffness in the body.
Opening up the chest and make breathing more free.
Improving postural habits.
Increasing energy levels.
Improving sleeping habits.
Improving mood.


Spinal Health & Wellbeing
Yoga for Pregnancy & Birth*

About spinal health & wellbeing yoga

During these yoga classes you will learn how to relax, tune inwards, open and release tight muscles and ligaments by performing gentle movements in combination with breath work. Combining movement with co-ordinated breathing assists in the release of musculoskeletal tension and improves alignment.

General yoga information

Our classes are small making it possible to provide personalised attention which is important for those concerned about aggravating existing conditions. Yoga incorporates gentle stretches to move the body’s energy which enhances physical wellbeing while including postural awareness. All participants work at their own pace. Yoga can become your own personal journey to health and happiness. All you require is yourself, loose comfortable clothing and an open mind.