Foot and Gait Analysis

Women resting her foot on a large rock with her hand supporting her Achilles heel
man exercising his feet

About GaitScan

GaitScan is a computer hardware and software system that helps our physios assess and analyse your feet. This analysis combined with your physio’s experience and knowledge detects abnormal foot function which may be affecting your feet and possibly other parts of your body.

The 4,000 pressure sensors in the GaitScan provide a lot of information about your feet so that your physios can plan the best treatment and management program for you and if needed, to advise the makers of custom orthotics how your orthotics can be specifically tailored.

Why have a GaitScan Assessment?

Because your foot is in contact with the ground for about 0.8 of a second when walking and about 0.25 seconds when running, it can be difficult for even the most experienced of practitioners to determine the extent of abnormal foot function with their naked eyes. A Gait Scan assessment can tell your physio a lot about your feet and helps them identify your foot type and analyse your walking pattern so that they can target their treatments and exercises more specifically.

The GaitScan system records your timing sequences during gait (walking) cycle as you walk or run across the pressure plate. This gives our physios a clear picture of your foot mechanics in order to determine the most appropriate treatment programme for you. Occasionally hands-on treatment and exercise will not resolve the condition entirely, especially when the problem is more advanced, in which case it may be necessary to fit orthotics.

digital foot scan

How Does GaitScan Work?

1. Scans the Foot
As you walk or run across the pressure plate, thousands of tiny sensors capture the distribution of pressure of your foot over time.
2. Maps Foot Pressurez
From your step, the computer displays 2D and 3D visual representations of the pressure under your foot. You can see where you have too much or too little pressure.
3. Prints a Report
The information is summarised in a report that can be printed for you and your physio to see. The report findings will help our physios evaluate your foot function and determine if the pain you are experiencing is related to faulty foot function.
4. Determines the need for Orthotic Therapy
The information from this report will assist your physio to determine whether you need orthotics. Prescription orthotics may help relieve your pain by realigning and stabilising the bones in your feet, restoring your natural walking pattern.
skeleton of the feet

Why use Custom Orthotics?

Properly made orthotics are custom moulded to the support requirements of your feet. They help restore the normal balance and alignment of your body by gently correcting foot abnormalities. Orthotics gently reduce problems associated with pressure points, muscle strain and abnormal forces on the ankles, knees, hips and spine. Over time, custom orthotics support your feet and bring you relief from fatigue and pain allowing you to comfortably enjoy daily activities.