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LifeForce health solutions

Subash Narayanan so greatly valued and enjoyed his 12 years of physiotherapy employment at LifeForce health solutions, that he decided to buy the company!

Since its early days of operating as a holistic physiotherapy practice, the range of services offered to clients has expanded. This has been in response to the local community’s growing interest in complementary therapies, together with a realisation that a simple musculoskeletal approach to healing could frequently be improved upon by combining hands-on therapies such as Physio and Massage with other treatments such as Acupuncture and Naturopathy, or with participation in small group well-supervised classes (eg Pilates, Yoga and FitForce – functional movement classes).

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LifeForce health solutions comprises a team of holistically-minded, well-qualified and highly experienced practitioners who take pride in offering a unique range of wellness services to the Golden Grove and wider community. Our friendly Support Staff will guide you towards the most appropriate treatment for your condition and our professional staff will advise you on how to best manage your health, fitness and wellbeing, while taking into account personal needs and preferencess

Our friendly team comprises male and female practitioners and includes 6 Front Office Support Staff, 6 Physiotherapists, 2 Acupuncturists, 5 Remedial Massage Therapists, an Aromatherapist, one Naturopath and 6 Group Therapy Instructors. All our practitioners are fully qualified, members of their respective professional bodies, and committed to ongoing professional development.

LifeForce Physiotherapists

LifeForce Physiotherapists (with a combined 65+ years of experience) have clinical experience in a range of manual therapies including soft tissue release, spinal and peripheral joint mobilisation and manipulation, along with sports and work injury management. We also have physios with experience in McKenzie and Muscle Energy techniques, Myofascial Release, Functional Movement, Dry Needling and educating clients in biomechanics and postural improvement employing various methods and techniques including core stability / core strengthening.

Our clients frequently comment that they love visiting LifeForce because of the wide range of services offered under one roof. We understand this is because most people’s lives are complex, with each individual having their own unique genetic background and emotional history, combined with less than ideal past and current lifestyle choices, all of which can influence their body’s ability to recover from trauma and illness.

Our range of therapies includes hands-on treatments such as Physiotherapy and Remedial Massage to manage the symptoms of pain and stiffness arising from frustrating or disabling conditions. Alternatively, Acupuncture or Naturopathy can assist you in addressing symptoms and in balancing your unique constitution. You may also wish to learn self-management strategies during one-on-one core stability, strengthening and stretching sessions, or simply enjoy the benefits of group exercise classes like Pilates, Yoga (for Pregnancy & Birth), Yoga (for Spinal Health & Wellbeing) and Balance & Strength Exercises for Seniors.

Other services and assessment tools include GaitScan and PosturePro. 

To find out more, we direct you towards our Treatments pages to assist you in selecting a therapy that you feel best suits your condition.