Strength & Balance Classes for Falls Prevention

Staying active and independent is important for us all. If you can manage to achieve this as you become older then falls will not need to be part of your life.

How you can take action to stay on your feet?

Balance can be improved by challenging the balance systems in your body through the regular practise of balance strategies along with improving strength and flexibility.

practitioners doing stretching exercises with senior citizens
Senior citizens doing neck exercises

Our classes emphasise

LifeForce health solutions Strength & Balance Classes are for anyone who has difficulty in getting down or up from the floor because our classes are chair-based – you will sit on a chair or perform exercises in standing, using a chair for support.

Program Design





Eye Tasks

Group Activity


One Hour Class

If you would like to improve your strength and balance for everyday activities such as cleaning, washing, shopping, enjoying outings with friends, or even just putting on shoes and socks – why not join our class and have fun while exercising?