Fertility & Pregnancy Massage Therapies

Fertility Massage draws from many traditional indigenous cultures and techniques including abdominal-sacral massage, pulsing, reiki and guided visualisation. Combined with a bit of intuition this blended therapy results in a unique nurturing massage.

Our reproductive organs are the only system in our bodies that are dispensable! So if we are not functioning at optimum health, be that in a physical sense or emotionally, our bodies can choose to shut down our reproductive organs in order to preserve our health. Therefore in order for reproductive organs to be restored back to health, the body as a whole needs to be addressed at all levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Group of pregnant women sat on exercise mats in a wellness class
pregnant woman holding her tummy

Fertility Massage assists in increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs, helping to properly position the womb, remove blockages and open up the pelvic and hip region, and in this way becomes the ideal therapy for those on their fertility journey.

In our modern, busy and competitive society, women often ignore their reproductive organs, thinking only of their wombs when they feel it is time to begin their family. Unfortunately for many their cycle has been largely ignored until this time, or thought of as an inconvenience needing to be medically-controlled . Emotionally and spiritually Fertility Massage encourages women to reconnect with their feminine selves, through breath work and visualisation, developing a more positive and loving attitude to their natural cycle. Although the name suggests a focus on fertility, this caring therapy benefits women through all stages of their productive life!





Pregnancy Massage Therapy

Pregnancy is a time of excitement and joy, but it can also be a stressful time for a mother to be.

On the physical plain, massage throughout a woman’s pregnancy can prevent or minimise some of the symptoms and discomforts that arise during this time, and that tend to be experienced by many women during the more advanced stages of pregnancy. Massage is able to achieve this by helping to resolve or manage areas of weakness that may be secondary to old injuries or past surgeries, and posture related dysfunction. For example Pregnancy Massage has proven to be beneficial in reducing the severity of pregnancy-related back pain and the swelling consequent to fluid retention all of which are commonly experienced by women whose bodies progress through this time of dramatic change.

Practitioner performing pregnant massage therapy

During pregnancy, women may also experience hormonal swings and changes due to increased oestrogen and relaxin secretions that cause ligaments and other connective tissues to relax, particularly in the sacroiliac joints and at the pubic symphysis. This is necessary to facilitate the birth process, but unfortunately may also relax other joints and make the mum-to-be more susceptible to aches and strains. These swings in hormones can also trigger an increase in frequency and severity of headaches which can also be aided by regular Pregnancy Massage that emphasises relaxation, particularly when aromatherapy oils are used.

During pregnancy the maternal blood volume gradually increases by 35 to 50 percent which means that cardiac output in turn also increases (by 30 to 60 percent). As a result there is a 15 to 20 percent increase in oxygen consumption and the respiratory rate tends to increase to meet this need. These changes can cause shortness of breath and a slight increase in blood pressure.

Here at LifeForce we use specially shaped pregnancy support cushioning that enables the pregnant woman to be positioned comfortably in the prone position (ie lying on her belly) so that she can truly relax and enjoy her massage.

Pregnancy Massage helps mums-to-be feel nurtured while their bodies nurture the new life forming within.