Yoga for Pregnancy & Birth

About Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga which originated in India is beneficial for all people regardless of their level of health. The word ‘Yoga’ refers to the union of body/mind/spirit. Alignment and awareness are paramount, while working with the breath improves health and creates a feeling of connectedness.

In class you will be introduced to both relaxation and meditation as well as the postures (asanas) in a balanced and fun way. You will be informed of relevant postures for any specific health problem. It is not necessary to tie yourself up in knots to feel the benefits of Yoga – awareness is more important. The benefits of Yoga are not always immediate but often more subtle as the body begins to open up. Your level of health improves as well as your flexibility, confidence, breathing, posture, awareness and ability to deal with stress.

pregnant woman on a yoga mat doing meditation
Pregnant woman holding her tummy

In class the type of yoga practised is predominantly Hatha Yoga which is an excellent way to improve flexibility, strength, stamina

and general well-being, while enjoying the benefits of a calmer mind, and more relaxed body. The practice of Yoga will increase your energy levels, and can be helpful in easing some of the symptoms associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

Safe, gentle Yoga postures can help to make you more comfortable during your pregnancy, and prepare you both physically and mentally for labour and the birth of your baby.

The meditation and visualisation aspects of the class will help you to become more in tune with your baby and the changes occurring within your body.

The breathing practices that are an important part of Yoga will help you to relax and become more confident in your changing body and will be invaluable for use in labour.

How to prepare for your class

Wear loose, comfortable clothes such as leggings or tracksuit. We will practice with bare feet.

Bring a bottle of water along, hydration is key to staying healthy.

Don’t eat immediately before a class and allow at least 2 hours after eating a full meal, or 30 minutes after a snack.
Also bring a small pillow or cushion and a light blanket or cover for relaxation.


Yoga for Pregnancy & Birth
Spinal Health & Wellbeing*

General yoga information

Our classes are small making it possible to provide personalised attention which is important for those concerned about aggravating existing conditions. Yoga incorporates gentle stretches to move the body’s energy which enhances physical wellbeing while including postural awareness. All participants work at their own pace. Yoga can become your own personal journey to health and happiness. All you require is yourself, loose comfortable clothing and an open mind.