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Why Teachers Get Chronic Headaches

For many school teachers, their recurring complaints of headaches have become an unwelcome part of their daily narrative. While most jokes and passing remarks centre around the stresses of managing a classroom or the incessant grading, there’s a myriad of underlying factors that often escape a casual observer’s eye.

Venturing beyond the overt and sometimes sarcastic reasons, we aim to shine a light on some unexpected culprits of persistent headaches teachers may experience, particularly on the topic of myofascial trigger points and how to treat them.

teacher with students
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Understanding Your Headaches

We’ve all heard the common jests – headaches stemming from relentless students, never-ending meetings, or the impending dread of reports. But for those who seem to always have a headache, or those who experience that distinct, never ending headache right in the centre of the forehead day in and day out, the semi-serious tone of these jokes barely even scratch the surface.

When we delve deeper, we here at LifeForce health solutions often find the culprit of persistent headaches to be myofascial trigger points. Recognising and understanding these trigger points isn’t just for our peace of mind; it’s an essential step for those determined to truly address the root causes of their headache pain.

Deep Dive: Myofascial Trigger Points

Myofascial trigger points, to put it simply, are tight spots within muscle tissue that cause pain over a larger area.

Now, you might wonder, if they’re so central to understanding severe pain like daily persistent headaches or chronic tension headaches, why aren’t they more commonly discussed? Well, the challenge lies in their complexity.

The origin of these trigger points can be attributed to muscle overload or direct injuries. They have the potential to interfere with regular muscle function and impede blood circulation. Consequently, when these trigger points flare up, finding immediate relief for a headache might prove challenging.

But instant remedies aren’t always the best solutions. At LifeForce, our holistic approach focuses on both treating the issue and managing it effectively, ensuring you’re not solely dependent on pain medications or falling into a repetitive cycle of recurring rebound headaches.

Lifestyle Triggers: Beyond the Myofascial Points

While we have put a significant emphasis on understanding myofascial trigger points, it’s equally vital to broaden our perspective and consider the everyday lifestyle triggers.

Teachers, in their unique and demanding roles, face a slew of challenges that can exacerbate headaches.

  • Stress, an almost constant companion for educators, often contributes to muscle tension and subsequently, to those persistent headaches.
  • The classroom environment itself can be a breeding ground for triggers.
  • Dehydration, often overlooked in the hustle of a school day, can quickly become a primary culprit for that nagging pain behind the eyes.
  • And in an increasingly digital age, prolonged screen time — whether it’s grading papers online, attending virtual meetings, or crafting digital lesson plans — strains the eyes and the surrounding muscles, amplifying headache frequency and severity.

Addressing these lifestyle factors, alongside implementing treatment for myofascial trigger points, provides a comprehensive approach to holistic health. After all, at LifeForce, our goal is to ensure that every individual feels understood, and every contributing factor to their discomfort is acknowledged and addressed.

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teacher with students

Correlation between Trigger Points and Pain

The connection between myofascial trigger points and pain, particularly headaches, is undeniable. From moderate pain that nags at your temples to severe headache bouts that feel like they’re originating from deep within your skull, these trigger points play a pivotal role. In fact, many who maintain a headache diary find patterns linking back to these sensitive spots. And while over-the-counter headache medications might offer temporary relief, we believe in targeting the root. Because, at the end of the day, understanding and managing these trigger points can be the key to escaping the grasp of chronic migraine headaches or the frustrating cycle of new daily persistent headaches forever.

The Misunderstanding about Treatment

While our instinctual reach for over-the-counter pain medication like paracetamol is common when dealing with frequent headaches or that pesky pain behind the eyes, we need to ask ourselves: are we merely masking symptoms? Such pain medications can provide temporary relief, but it’s crucial to understand they might not be getting to the root cause of chronic daily headaches.

It’s also important to note that when it comes to medication overuse, headache pain can be just as persistent and the drugs just as ineffective as taking too little painkillers, as your body begins to build a resistance to the painkiller’s effects.

old teacher with headache
lifeforce health solutions physiotherapy building

Unlocking Real Solutions: Comprehensive Approaches to Tackling Triggers & Tension

At LifeForce Health Solutions, we’re passionate about providing holistic solutions that address the heart of the problem. Rather than just chasing symptoms, we aim to equip our patients with comprehensive strategies to truly make a difference.

There are a number of different ways you can both self-treat your headaches, and treat them with the help of our qualified health specialists.

Collaborative Care with Physiotherapists

Working closely with expert physiotherapists, we’ve designed approaches that cater specifically to those experiencing frequent headaches.


  • This ancient Chinese practice can be pivotal in alleviating headaches. By targeting specific points on the body, acupuncture helps balance energy channels, alleviating pain and promoting relaxation.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Rooted in centuries of tradition, Chinese medicine offers herbal remedies and specific practices that can help balance the body’s energies, often providing relief from chronic tension and migraines.

Massage Therapy

  • Our massage therapy sessions are more than just relaxation. They aim to address specific muscular tension points related to headaches, ensuring you experience both immediate and lasting relief.


  • Harnessing the power of essential oils, aromatherapy offers relief through inhalation and topical application. Specific oils can be used to reduce stress, which is a common trigger for headaches.


  • Though it might seem unrelated, the feet can hold the key to many ailments, including headaches. Reflexology involves applying pressure to specific points on the feet that correspond with the head and neck, promoting pain relief and overall well-being.

Empowering Personal Interventions

It’s essential to understand the importance of our daily habits. Here are a few areas we emphasise:

Workplace Harmony

  • Implementing ergonomics isn’t just about comfort — it’s about ensuring a workspace that complements one’s health, reducing strain and preventing the formation of trigger points. 

Daily Motion Matters

  • While it’s easy to overlook, consistent physical activity can play a pivotal role in staving off headaches. We provide recommendations that sync with individual lifestyles and preferences.

Posture Protocols

  • Try to maintain beneficial postures, whether you’re sitting, standing, or moving, to ensure your spinal health and reduce muscular tension.

Sleeping for Success

  • Explore various sleeping positions and identify what works best for you to ensure restful nights and pain-free mornings. Sometimes the difference between having and not having headaches is as simple as getting just a couple extra hours rest.

Don't let headache pain take over your life

Life at the chalkboard, in front of screens, and amidst piles of papers can be challenging. Yet, with the right understanding and intervention, we believe that relief from persistent headaches is well within arm’s reach.

At LifeForce health solutions, our dedication lies in not just identifying the pain, but alleviating it at its roots

Whether you’re dealing with frequent headaches, a new daily persistent headache, or a lingering pain that you just can’t seem to shake, we’re here to help. Reach out to us at 8289 2800 and book an appointment at our Golden Grove location. Or, if you prefer, send us a message on Facebook or through our website.

Let us help you embark on a journey towards holistic wellness and a headache-free life today.

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