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Studies show that the elbows of a sleigh driver can be exposed to large amounts of stress and strain while going about their day-to-day duties behind the reins, similar to forces incurred in injuries such as Dancer’s knee.

The task of gripping the reins can force large amounts of tension to gather around the forearm flexor and extensor muscles, causing some sleigh drivers to have to Donner brace around their elbow to reduce their symptoms during the busier times of the year.

The large amounts of swelling and inflammation in the worst of SDE cases can cause a Rudolph cyst; a bulbous mass that is not only painful, but glows bright red.

Pictured: Famous researcher R. Rudolph, after whom the painful cyst is named

Treatment for SDE can take many forms, including but not restricted to:

roprioceptive exercises
I  ce
ry needling

Indeed, SDE is not a topic to Prancer round as the consequences of leaving this condition untreated can be quite serious. Loss of the affected arm is not unheard of, so if your daughter or wife has this condition, I strongly recommend you Dasher off to the physiotherapist ASAP!

So Comet visit your friendly LifeForce physio today in Golden Grove to have your Sleigh Driver’s Elbow treated! 


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