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Professions series: The Tradie's Elbow
In this series, LifeForce physiotherapist Daniel Jordan discusses some common ailments he comes across amongst people from different occupations. The tradie is up next, with that pesky Tennis ("but I don't play tennis") Elbow.
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Professions series: The Nurse's Back

Continuing the "Professions Series", LifeForce physiotherapist Daniel Jordan discusses some common ailments he comes across amongst people from different occupations. The Nurse's Back is up next, a common ailment of some of our hardest and most valued workers!

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Professions series: The Hairdresser's Arm

In this series, LifeForce physiotherapist Daniel Jordan discusses some common ailments he comes across amongst people from different occupations. Hairdressers are up first, with the common "Hairdresser's Arm" the topic for discussion.

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Jane Fauser - a tribute

Jane Fauser, long-time LifeForce massage therapist, sadly and suddenly passed away recently, to be missed by all who new her. In this tribute to Jane, there is a list of 20 things you may not know about Jane!

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Massage therapy for individuals with chronic disease, medical needs and disability

Massage is not only for those with sore, tight muscles, or just for stress relief. It can also be useful in helping people with chronic conditions and disability.

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Do you have BPPV?

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) is a very common diagnosis. But it is not the only cause of vertigo. Have you been properly diagnosed?

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Pregnant and loving it?

So you’re pregnant, getting a little bigger, and can feel that little soon-to-be bundle of joy starting to move about inside of you. That's great, but what's with all this back pain, bottom pain, wrist and hand pain?! Read on to find out!

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Services: What is Metabolic Balance?

Metabolic Balance is a nutrition program which is based on scientic research, offered by out Naturopath, Mel. If you are looking for a solution to yo-yo weight issues, or have other issues such as headaches, cravings, digestion or sleep problems, Metabolic Balance could be for you!

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Recipe: Monica's Kimchi Salad

If you've not had kimchi before, it is a delicious staple of Korean cuisine, and is usually made from radishes and cabbage.

This ridiculously easy version of kimchi is a little bit different, and maybe a little more accessible to the sometimes sensitive Aussie palate! 

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Top tips for pillow selection and sleeping position that might surprise you!

It’s time for some pillow talk...

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The importance of proper hydration

LifeForce naturopath Mel Byrne discusses the importance of hydration, the role of water in maintaining the health of the human body, and signs you might not be getting enough water.

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Recipe: Gluten free golden crumbed flathead with crispy potatoes and salsa verde

This dish is perfect for the warmer weather... Perhaps enjoy it with a delicious Barossa riesling?
(Drink responsibly - and by that, I mean make sure you save some for me!)

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Expert advice: Resolve these 5 common symptoms of hormone imbalance!

In case you missed it - Mel Byrne's recent hormone imbalance seminar was a hit! Here's 5 quick and common symptoms of hormone imbalances, along with some simple advice to help, as well as a SPECIAL OFFER!

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Health from nature: how aromatherapy promotes wellness

For thousands of years, people in different cultures across the world drew on the healing power of natural remedies to improve their health. Somewhere along the line, Western culture got caught up in synthetic products, and treatments like aromatherapy fell by the wayside.

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Wellness through strength and mobility: how physiotherapy can improve your health

If you’re like many people in Australia, you might not know the important role that physiotherapy plays in any wellness program—or how you can benefit from it.

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LifeForce class: Strength and balance

Staying active and independent is important for us all. If you can manage to achieve this as you become older, then falls will not need to be part of your life.

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Recipe: Green & Gold Salad of Asparagus & Gold Beetroot with Barley, Crispy Sage and Lemon Brown Butter

Go bold in Green and Gold!

Another delicious salad recipe - served warm, it's perfect for those winter lunches!

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Recipe: Monica's Orange, Ginger, Carrot, Coconut & Quinoa Salad

This wholesome and flavoursome salad, served cold, will load up your tastebuds, and put a smile on your face!

Perfect for a summer BBQ lunch with family and friends!

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