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daniel jordan physiotherapist

Daniel Jordan

As well as having a Masters in Physiotherapy from Uni SA, Daniel has demonstrated talent in a number of other areas, including acquiring a Degree in Jazz Music from Adelaide Uni (specialising in the saxophone). He also has a passion for cooking and is an avid sportsperson (indoor cricket and an occasional game of golf, as well as being a practitioner of the martial art of Jiu Jitsu). Daniel also enjoys being a dad!

Daniel has experience in treating Benign Positional Vertigo employing a gentle head movement technique to reduce the symptoms of this condition. He is also passionate about Functional Movement which forms the basis of his FitForce classes. These classes are suitable for everyone as they assist the body’s innate ability to create movement, engaging the nervous system to adapt to change, and restoring movement with improved strength symmetry and success.

See Daniel Jordan for: Functional Stretching and Functional Exercise, Dry Needling, management of headaches, symptoms of vertigo, hands-on treatment for back and neck pain, soft tissue massage and joint mobilisation.