Our Team

Ciara Peters

I’ve always loved helping others, I feel this is my life purpose. I’ve also always loved
massaging, even from when I was a child, I was always told I had “magic hands”, and still
get told this today. I love the fact that massaging can help heal people from the inside

I completed my Diploma of Remedial Massage at QAcademy in Brisbane in 2021 to
further my studies and knowledge of massage. I love learning; the body is such a
complex specimen and there’s so much to learn about it, and I love that through natural
therapies, we can help the body to heal mentally and physically.

As a mum myself, I understand the stresses the body goes through with growing another
human inside you, therefore I love pregnancy massage and specialise in this. I can
empathise and know how much a massage can help your body relax during this intense
period. I also understand the stresses that come with raising a child, and how a little time
out for yourself with a massage can help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated to continue
being the most amazing parent to your little one.

Specialist Techniques: Remedial, Myofascial release, Trigger point therapy, Relaxation/Swedish massage, Pregnancy massage, Reflexology, cupping, dry needling