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As we head into a long winter and with a high level of influenza cases already reported, including almost 40 deaths in South Australia alone, there is no better time than NOW to consider your immune health – even if you have been vaccinated.

There are two influenza viruses (A & B) and many other respiratory viruses and bacterial agents which are less serious but just as contagious, so it’s important to maintain good hygiene practices to limit the spread of these illnesses. However, many of you may be unaware that each individual’s nutritional status will have a direct influence on how efficiently their immune system will respond to a potential infection.

There are other factors to consider: 

  • Stress levels – the hormones produced as part of the fight or flight response will tend to decrease necessary white cell production and activity. 
  • Digestive health – 80% of the immune system is in the small intestine, with our gut lining providing a valuable mucosal-defense.
  • Lifestyle factors – are also important considerations for immune health and overall wellbeing and these will be thoroughly explored in your Naturopathic consultation.


So, to help you build immune resilience this winter LifeForce Naturopath, Mel Byrne is offering a generous Winter Wellness Package for only $80.00 – representing a $10 saving on a consultation alone, this package also includes:

  • A one hour Naturopathic Consultation & Health Assessment
  • A free Immune Wellness Booklet with nutritional information and tasty winter recipes
  • A packet of organic blended herbal Immune Tea
  • A follow-up 10-15 minute phone consultation to answer any of your questions


This offer is too good to refuse and with your health and wellness being your most valuable asset, why not call the friendly LifeForce staff on 8289 2800 and mention our “Winter Wellness Package” to ensure that you are able to take advantage of this special offer (available throughout winter – June, July and August 2019)!