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Detox written in fruit and vegetables



The human body has not changed from an evolutionary perspective – the liver, kidneys and bowels still function as the primary organs of elimination. What has changed though are the diet, lifestyles and toxin exposures of populations living in industrialised and developing countries, especially in the last 100 years.

In Australia 40,000 industrial chemicals are registered for use yet 75% of these chemicals have not been tested for toxicity on the body or environment.

There is growing evidence that toxic compounds are contributing to a wide range of health issues and disorders of the nervous, endocrine and immune systems.  Many of these foreign compounds (exotoxins) are found within foods (additives, pesticides, nitrosamines, trans fats), atmospheric pollution, personal care products, heavy metals (mercury from amalgam fillings), alcohol, cigarettes and pharmaceuticals.

In addition to this list are toxins produced from within the body (endotoxins) such as bowel flora and hormone metabolites, oxidative stress and free radical production from daily cellular functions and inflammation.

One of the many environmental chemicals that we are exposed to daily are xeno-oestrogens – which are known as hormone disrupters. These compounds imitate normal oestrogen by binding to oestrogen and androgen receptors and activating them.  They are readily found in the environment in children’s toys, baby bottles, plastic food wrap, soft plastics, pesticides, cosmetics and tinned foods. These chemicals and others may contribute to early onset of menstruation, pre menstrual symptoms, breast cysts and hormone cancers. 



It would seem the only way for us to avoid or reduce our daily exposure to these chemicals would be to remove ourselves from civilisation and move to a remote island or perhaps the Hunza valley in the Himalayas.

However there is some good news; getting on top of your toxic burden can be achieved without taking the drastic step of moving away to a different place. It starts with having an awareness of where your toxin exposures are coming from and supporting the body with the correct nutrients to help the removal and elimination of these toxins.

There are various ways that your toxic load can be assessed including a questionnaire and case taking, hair mineral analysis, urinary porphyrins and functional liver testing which assesses the efficiency of liver detoxification pathways.

In conjunction with supporting the body with correct supplementation and diet to aid detoxification, Modified Activated Clinoptilolite (MAC) – a unique volcanic mineral is now being used in Australia by Naturopaths, and helps to safely bind and remove toxins from the body. 

MAC is not absorbed into the gastro intestinal tract but binds to heavy metals, histamine, ammonia, pesticides and plastics and microbial components, allowing them to be removed from the body. The clinical benefits are wide-ranging and can help skin conditions, chronic viral issues, acid reflux, amalgam removal, irritable bowel syndrome, hormone imbalances and an elevated toxin load, among other things.

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