FitForce Exercise Classes

What are FitForce exercise classes?

FitForce classes are a unique and dynamic fitness class that utilises complex tri-planar body movements, minimal equipment and an intensity that will get your heart rate up and your muscles pumping!

No matter whether you are in shape, just starting out, or are recovering from an injury, our high-intensity FitForce classes will get you lifting, reaching, balancing, hopping, jumping, pushing, pulling and swinging in a way that is suitable for your current level of ability.

Repair your body

The philosophy behind our FitForce classes is based on the principle that everyone (no matter what their current level of function) should be capable of pain-free ranges of functional movement.

During these programs our clients learn to harness pain-free windows in function to build upon existing strengths and ability. In this way their bodies begin to repair and re-learn their ability to move in the way that nature intended.

How do I become a FitForce member?

Before becoming a FitForce member you will undergo a full functional assessment so that your first class can be tailored to your individual ability, symptoms and goals. Exercises can be specifically tweaked and tailored to suit you and you are encouraged to exercise at your own pace. The weekly small group classes (maximum of 6 people per class) are 60mins long so you’ll get plenty of attention as you are guided through the exercise circuit.

So, why not take a positive step forward and enquire about having a functional assessment today!

What is AFS?

Applied Functional Science (AFS) forms the basis of our FitForce exercise programs. AFS is an approach to assessment, treatment and exercise prescription that concentrates on creating successful functional movements that aid the repair and strengthening of body tissues.

With functional training, the body uses its innate ability to create movement, engaging the nervous system’s amazing capacity to adapt and change, in order to get you moving with more strength, symmetry and success.

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