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The LifeForce Wellness Program


As we age, a great number of structural and functional transformations begin to occur, leading to a decline in optimal health and physical capacity. However, our level of physical activity and quality of nutrition can positively impact on the rate at which we age. While the ageing process can be seen in age-related changes such as skin composition (texture), vision, hair colour (greying), hearing and posture, it can be influenced by healthy lifestyle habits far beyond these obvious signs. Good health is heavily influenced by our level of fitness and the quality of our diet, and is reflected in above average muscle strength, breathing capacity, heart function and bone density. If we adopt healthy living habits we are more likely to experience wellness, ie good health and wellbeing.

  • Wellness & Longevity can be achieved by:

    • Controlling weight and body composition
    • Building and maintaining healthy bone density
    • Increasing muscle strength and tone
    • Improving balance and co-ordination
    • Maintaining or improving flexibility of joints and muscles
    • Enhancing cardiovascular endurance
    • Improving posture
    • Improving physiological wellbeing
    • Enhancing immune function
    • Reducing stress and improving cognition
    • Eating fresh, organic, whole foods
  • Aims of the program:

    • To educate you in healthy lifestyle choices
    • To design personalised nutrition and exercise programs
    • To help you implement our wellness recommendations and establish positive daily habits
    • To improve your health and wellbeing so that you can get the best out of life
    • To see you graduate with the knowledge and confidence to help you maintain results for life

Program Outline

Our fully qualified health professionals will guide you through this 12 week program, educating you in the areas of healthy diet, lifestyle choices and exercises appropriate for your current level of fitness, posture, overall health and physical ability.

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  • What is included?

    • Two Initial Consultations (Naturopathy & Physiotherapy)
    • Eight Standard Consultations (4 each for Naturopathy & Physiotherapy)
    • 3 Acupuncture treatments if required, for stress management & addictions
    • Four Naturopathic phone “coaching” sessions
    • Information sheets on diet, exercise and general physiological health
    • Healthy recipes and ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and between meal snacks
    • Separate diaries to record your diet and physical activity
    • Theraband to use at home for your resistance exercises
    • GaitScan and Posture Pro assessments (biomechanical assessments)
    • 10 x Complimentary Vibro Trainer sessions
    • (if specific health condition do not preclude this)
  • This program is suitable if you experience any of the following:

    • Lethargy, fatigue
    • Recurring colds, allergies
    • Poor aerobic fitness, muscle strength, bone density
    • Digestive disorders including bloating, irritable bowel, flatulence
    • Sinus congestion, hayfever, asthma
    • Poor concentration and inability to cope with stress
    • Muscle and joint aches including arthritis
    • Hormonal imbalances including PMS, menopause
    • Weight issues
    • Confusion with respect to an appropriate diet for your body type
    • Lack of motivation to kick-start a healthy lifestyle change

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